Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Not A Word...

Following on from the Sunday Mail's nonsense regarding the EU banning eggs comes a story in today's paper confirming that the Post Office will be sold off:

Postmen are to be given stakes in Royal Mail under radical Government plans to sell it off this year.

Ministers plan to transform the ailing firm into a John Lewis-style trust, like the department store whose employees are 'partners', owning shares and receiving annual dividends based on its profits.

The offer will dramatically undermine attempts by militant trade union leaders to persuade staff to oppose the privatisation, which is expected to be the biggest in Britain for two decades.

Well of course the Tories will sell off the Post Office, they have no choice as it's the result of EU Directives. Great, the perfect story for the Mail you may think, front page; EU plans to abolish our Post Office and unlike the egg story it would be true.

But nothing, no mention at all of the EU in the article. Not a word.

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