Tuesday, 30 August 2011

All Inclusive - EU Style

It appears via Wikileaks that the Belgians are whinging have expressed concerns to the US about a G20 "super group" within the EU:
Our[US] Dutch interlocutors have also noted some tension between EU members that are G20 participants and those that are not; the Belgians, for example, have expressed concern about a G20 "super group" within the EU that consults on the issues first before bringing the discussion to the larger EU community. As guests in the G20, the Dutch are trying to walk a fine line between wanting to punch above their weight with the big EU economies in the G20 and foster their usual spirit of inclusiveness and consultation with all EU member states.
Bless the Belgians feel a little left out. Though it would help their cause greatly if they could perform the relatively basic task of forming a Government first - 14 months and counting (leaving aside the fact that their real Government resides in Brussels anyway).

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  1. Belgium is ahead of the game IMHO. The only people whining are politicians!