Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hang The Euro

Apologies but again due to real life getting in the way, blogging has been a bit slow round these parts.

Being busy though hasn't stopped me getting annoyed by the utterly irrelevant debate on reintroducing the death penalty - a campaign led by the self-proclaimed 'King of the Blogosphere' (Guido Fawkes), who is, by being less than forthcoming with the truth, a parody of the very medium he continuously professes to hate - the MSM. A tip Guido, the death penalty is forbidden as a result of our membership of the EU and Council of Europe via us signing up to Protocol 13.

Still, we'll have a couple of days of universal coverage of the 'passionate' debate, then probably a vote by MPs and...fuck all will change as the issue is decided by Europe.

Meanwhile... the Euro contagion spreads, rather than being a rumble in the distance you can tell it's serious this time - not only has the BBC led with the issue on its news bulletins but Barroso has been uncharacteristically blunt about the crisis. Previously the Euro has always managed to limp along regardless, but today's events look increasingly like a tipping point - panic is in the EU air.

Thank god the football season starts on Saturday to take my mind off things - though not sure it helps that my team's manager is Italian!

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  1. Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes) is just a prat. Sadly it would seem he is a prat with a bit of influence though. As you say, he pretends to be at odds with the MSM, but in reality he is one of them - part of the Westminster bubble, obsessed with gossip and relatively uninterested in matters of genuine importance.

    You're right about the death penalty too. Even if we wished to reintroduce it, we couldn't!