Friday, 2 December 2011

A Disgrace

You don't need any more evidence than today's Telegraph editorial of the deeply corrupting nature of our membership of the EU. While pretending to be Eurosceptic, like all newspapers (with the suspect exception of the Daily Express) it supports our membership. And look what that contradictory (and bollocks) position of 'in Europe but not ruled by it' does with regard to the Euro:
The Germans are, for historical reasons, desperate to avoid again being placed in a central role at the heart of Europe. But circumstances have conspired to bring this about. Paradoxically, a European Union established to dissipate German power has enhanced it once more. And yet, perhaps because their own economy has performed exceptionally well, the Germans will not face up to their responsibilities. As a modern-day European diplomat, Radek Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, said this week: “I fear German power less than I am beginning to fear its inactivity.” For a Pole, that was a remarkable statement. The Germans should listen, and act.
Desperate to maintain the Euro, what the Telegraph is advocating here is, not only a German dominated Europe, but the destruction of democracy across Europe including in Germany. Will German voters have a say in a undemocratic fiscal union that the Telegraph is essentially proposing? Or any other European countries for that matter? This...from a British newspaper.

The deepest irony is that the Euro crisis exists because the German Constitutional Court is upholding the basics of democracy and refusing to let Merkel throw it away on a whim just to prop up the Euro.

So in short the Telegraph wants Germany to throw away Europe's democracy for the sake of the EU and then it will viciously condemn it for doing so.

What a disgrace.


  1. There must be some very strong-willed and brave men in the German Constitutional Court; I can't imagine the pressure they must be under to comply with the Europhiliacs. I hope they keep their nerve and determination.

  2. Stop using the word Europe to describe the European Union and it's unelected, unaccountable and unwanted Commission.

  3. @JiC Me too, agree completely

    @Anon Erm... I didn't

  4. @James Higham Quite. Couldn't agree more

  5. Just saw your comment over at the Telegraph, TBF, I commented as well and told them that I thought, when I read that disgraceful article, that I'd mistakenly been reading the Grauniad!

  6. Indeed Frog, yes indeed.

    I've stopped taking the Torygraph, a good paper once but Riddel, Lean, Gray and others + ridiculous items like this one [aforementioned] make me want to literally puke - so now it's good riddance to bad ____ and **** em.

    A once mighty organ, objective and spiritedly independent with it, a newspaper with real bite - bites the dust - a little sad really.

    But, that's what happens in the EU - a subtle and insidious censorship, the idea being eventually, everyone will unquestioningly love the EU and the powers that be, we'll all be too stupid to know any better and in the Telegraph editorial you can see it - the EU design coming to a sour and poisonous fruition.

  7. I am Portuguese and usually read the web Telegraph to know how the things are going in that part of Europe but i confess that is not much better than the crap newspapers we have here.

  8. As ever, follow the money. Newspaper moguls see pan EU influence as another arm of their own power grabbing greed.

  9. No day passes without the BBC seeking to stick the knife in the back of democracy.

    "Failure of leadership", they wail - implying that politics and thence, elected politicians have failed. (They have, but we can, theoretically, chuck them out. We can't chuck out the technocrats).

    "Populism" is "dangerous" at a time like this, they cry. Better leave it to the experts, they imply.

    If politics has failed, it is because the system has been gamed by politicians. We need to fix the system so that it cannot be gamed.

  10. john in cheshire said...

    There must be some very strong-willed and brave men in the German Constitutional Court; I can't imagine the pressure they must be under to comply with the Europhiliacs. I hope they keep their nerve and determination.

    From the EURef
    Cameron is facing overwhelming behind the scenes pressure from Obama and his Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, to throw Britain’s weight behind the rescue package being hammered together by France and Germany to pull Europe back from the abyss.

    American pressure on Germany to sideline the constitutional court, will be far stronger. If there is one nation that Germany will give weight to, it will be the USA.

  11. @Barking Spider, thanks saw your comment as well. I was a tad annoyed by that article as you probably could tell :-)

    @Anon1 Agree completely

    @Anon2 Newspapers seem to be crap everywhere

    @Oldrightie and @Fausty Spot on

    @DP111 That's a very good and interesting point. The German Constitutional Court has historically ruled in favour of the EU if it can get away with it. That it has drawn a line in the sand against further EU integration is very significant and it is has effectively kicked off a power struggle within Germany.

    How that will turn out is hard to gauge, but I personally don't think there's enough time to find out - it's too late