Tuesday 9 April 2013

Cameron Admits He Won't Honour An Out Vote In A Referendum

While Cameron basks in the limelight of a "great leader and a great Briton", we find more evidence that Mrs Thatcher he most certainly is not. Whatever one thinks of Mrs Thatcher, one thing never in doubt was she said what she meant and meant what she said. Cameron could not be further away from that principle if he tried.

As has been well documented here and elsewhere, his promise of a referendum on our "relationship" with the European Union is a sham, will be rigged and is not possible. Trying to renegotiate a looser relationship with the EU goes against the very fabric of the organisation.

However there is now a sting in the tail, as noted by Richard North, Cameron has no intention of honouring an out vote in the unlikely event one would occur. In an interview with the Spanish El Pais with the headline quote from Cameron; "The best solution for the UK is to stay in a reformed EU", he was asked the following (via Google translate):
In case of a Yes victory in the referendum that will organize on leaving the EU, would you be willing to withdraw from the Union?
And Cameron's response:
I would not. (No me gustaría)
That Cameron makes such an admission - of willfully ignoring a referendum vote - in a foreign newspaper is revealing. Truly he's the child of Europe, his hero evidently instead is Barroso (EU Commission President):
“They must go on voting until they get it right."
Slightly amazingly "cast-iron" has managed to sink even lower.


  1. I had to nick the link and post it on facebook.

    What a complete arsehole he is.

  2. David Cameron....?

    You are not avery nice man are you?....

    (Part of a recent interview with the dazzling Mr. Eddie Mair (zedotes)...

    Oh... no that's someone else.)

    1. Mr Mair certainly seems to be doing a better job than his predecessor...

  3. Cast iron is actually quite brittle and tends to fail under stress, which is not inappropriate when discussing Cameron and his lies. He has always tended to say what he thinks his particular audience wishes to hear, without apparently understanding that we live in an era of almost instant mass communication and virtually limitless data storage and retrieval capability. For a man who once worked as a marketing type for a communications company that's quite a surprising degree of ignorance, almost as surprising as a PPE 1st from a leading university not knowing the difference between deficit and debt.

    Sounds good, looks good; great CV and does well at interview but, surprise, surprise, he's actually NBG to the point of being dangerous, and his likely replacement is even more frightening.

    1. I couldn't agree with your comment more...

    2. mick greenhough8 May 2014 at 19:54

      see www.theeuroprobe.org 2014 - 025 Cameron's Referendum is a trap.

  4. Without taking away too much from your core point (*) "No me gustaría" translates better to "I would not like to" rather than "I would not". You can see in his 2nd sentence he goes on to say "I would like to get reform of the EU ...".

    So I think he's saying he wouldn't want to withdraw from the EU, rather than he wouldn't withdraw from the EU.

    Which is something he said in his January speech.

    (*) and I want to get out of the EU as much as the next boiling frog.

  5. better still it translates as 'I would not want to'. However the question was posed asking his position after a Yes vote to withdraw -not his opinion now or in the runup to the poll-so it implies he would not implement the result of a referendum-the point that has been argued for many years.

    In other words you cant implement a referendum decision without changing the pols.

    1. Thank you for comments, Not wishing to undermine the thrust of your comments I'm having a couple of professional translations done. It's that important in my view to exactly clarify what he said.

    2. But you can't do that by having translations back into English from Spanish translated from English.

      The only way to clarify what he said is to get hold of a transcript of the original interview.

      I'd say it was nearly certain that the interview was in English.

    3. I don't disagree cosmic...by having a professional translation I then intend to try to clarify Cameron's remarks by other means. As you say Cameron's remarks were inevitably in English...I want clarification of what he said...this is the first step.

  6. Well spotted, Boiling Frog! Cameron is a two-faced RAT. You know when he's lying because his lips move.
    Don't trust him further than you can throw him, in fact don't even trust him that far.
    Throwing him might be a good idea though.

  7. I have to agree with anonymous above, far too much is being made of this to be honest.

    This is undoubtedly a Spanish translation of an interview conducted in English, which is being re-translated into English. I do not believe Cameron speaks Spanish, probably at all and certainly not to be comfortable giving an interview in Spanish.

    It's inconceivable that Cameron would give an unequivocal answer to such a question in English. If he said yes, it would stoke something he wants to hint at but not deliver. If he said no, it would destroy the referendum bunkum he's been trying to peddle.

    I think his scripted answer runs something like, "That's not what I'd prefer and reform and renegotiation, which we are working on, is a much more practical and constructive approach."

    And no, I don't believe that Cameron has any intention of seeing the UK leave the EU, but this isn't the smoking gun.

  8. Then the only option left to the once FREE people of this Country is to use the General Election in 2015 as the REFERENDUM they have been denied. As we all know without doubt, we have THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES THAT WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU-FOREVER, there is no point in voting for any of them. Vote for any Political Party or Organisation that wants out of the EU-it is the only chance you may get. Put them into Parliament with a little help from those well known Back Benchers THAT TRULY WANT OUT OF THE EU-FOREVER.

  9. I agree with Anyoldiron. David Cameron promised us a referendum, once before and reneged, so how can we trust anything he says, now? Unfaithful in one, unfaithful in all. However, in last General Election, in my area, the other parties squabbled so much that the same Tory candidate got in. The moral? Get the other parties to agree and put up a joint candidate, before it's too late and the same old candidate gets back in, by default.

  10. There is no party who will attempt to take us out of the EU aka the evil empire. UKIP talk the talk, more or less, but go no further. I seriously doubt that whilst led by Farage they will ever make the move that counts, they do not have a plan to carry it through.

  11. Derek, how do you expect Farage to take us out of the EU when he isnt elected into the house of commons yet? Cameron & Clegg are in power at this moment in time, if ukip get enough votes to Gain the Balance of Power in westminster, by getting enough votes from the dozey British public, then he will hold the Balance of Power & then he can tell the rest how to run the country, he may not have any MP's yet..but holding the balance of power is what the big three are afraid of...they all grate on about no mp's this & no mp's that, but why do you think they come up with numerous smear campaigns against ukip? It is because they know that Farage CAN Gain the Balance of Power..and the big three would be bricking it :) So...lets wake the British people up...tell them all to vote UKIP & lets get the idiot three out & then we can also exit the EU under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty...it will take a day to impliment it & two years to finally shed the extortionate EU clutches...then we can make Britain Great once again :)