Thursday, 9 May 2013

Boris Repeats The Words Of Dave

Naturally the headlines suggests Boris Johnson (with one eye on Cameron's job) is trying to portray himself as deeply Eurosceptic but the detail of the Telegraph's article most certainly demonstrates that he's not at all, instead revealing on closer look a policy which is exactly the same as Cameron's...
Mr Johnson warned that the country must be ready to "walk away" from Europe if David Cameron failed to negotiate better terms of membership.
Boris' line will probably convince maybe a few Tories to remain put, but it won't work for everyone else. Our EU membership has been based on lie and so has the Tory party's position on it. It was entirely inevitable that the more the EU would reveal itself the less convincing the Tory party would be.

Faced with a perceived UKIP threat, we starting to see the consequences very clearly of the long established schizophrenic Tory EU policy towards our membership of the European Union, to the extent that some are breaking ranks. First up was Lawson now we have in today's Times Michael Portillo, (click to enlarge the scanned in copy*)

A phrase containing the words "chickens, home and roost" spring to mind -  only the chickens in this case are headless ones. As cosmic notes in the comments on Autonomous Mind:
It’s ridiculous to believe that the Conservatives can solve their current problems with a face lift and putting on a set of clothes that don’t fit. I’d say there’s more to it than getting rid of Cameron, but as for having him pose with a pint and a fag……..
For years they’ve dealt with the problem of the EU with a glorious and totally dishonest fudge and kept the party together by painting a picture of a completely unattainable halfway position.
Now they’re coming to the point where they can’t fudge the issue any more and they have to say whether they are in favour of in or out. Declaring one way or the other will see the party split, continuing to fudge will see support drift away.
When you try to deceive others you only end up deceiving yourself.

*I expect News International won't take too kindly to me publishing without permission a Times' article, so enjoy it while it lasts.



  2. The pro-EU lobby are down to one argument: the UK will not have the size or influence to survive in the modern world without Europe. This is the only argument that is keeping Tories towing the pro-EU party line.

    This needs to be confronted head on. Australia, Canada and Singapore have little clout or influence but are far richer than EU countries. You do not need a megastate to succeed.

    Cameron is getting all of his foreign chums, from Obama to Kissinger, to say that they need the UK to be part of a united EU. This is Cameron calling in favours, these people would not tell the Singaporeans that they cannot deal with them unless they are part of Germany.