Monday, 12 August 2013

Immigration: The Blame Game

I'm not at all interested in the details of Chris Bryant's immigration speech which will be made later today. Unless it mentions our relationship with the EU, which I think we can safely assume it won't, then it's meaningless at best.

The extracts certainly indicate that Labour's strategy is to blame someone else to disguise the lack of will to deal with the root causes. Even better, blame multimillion corporations (you can almost hear the pantomime boo hiss from Labour ranks):
[Next] was criticised yesterday by Labour, which accused "unscrupulous employers" of choosing cheaper foreign workers over local British candidates to save money.
Rather like the pathetic Tory campaign, pictured above, it's nothing but empty gestures. One can almost guess that Bryant will manage to squeeze in the phrase, or one like it; "tough on migration from newly joined EU members". Obmitting of course to mention that such measures only applies for 7 years - which is why Romania and Bulgaria's restrictions are up next year.

It's all so wearily predictable.

Update: Actually it was less than wearily predictable, the whole exercise has completely unraveled so much so even the NewStatesman are unimpressed.


  1. Gestures is the whole thing - playing to the gallery.

  2. The EU is a corporates paradise and political parties like Labour have been well and truly played. Not that they needed much coaxing.

    All too happy to get into bed with Bankers when it suited them, they made sure they got their 'Seven Pieces of Silver' whilst in office and to hell with the people who they should be looking after.

    Now the truth is coming out and things will slowly begin to unravel ahead of 2014 and 2015.

    If only we had a political party capable of capitalizing on what will be a very unhappy ship and bring the Westminster collective to its knees.