Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shake And Make Up?

According to Adam Boulton from Sky news...

I think we can safely say if the assault had been the other way around, Plod's response would have been different. A point made by Mr Holmes himself:
Asked whether he would press charges against the publisher and LBC presenter, Holmes said "it is up to the police to do their job. You've got to ask what would you do if the roles were reversed and if I did that, I'd be in a police cell."
Update: Iain Dale receives a Police caution which means he must have accepted his guilt.
In order to safeguard the offender's interests, the following conditions must be met before a caution can be administered:
  • there must be evidence of guilt sufficient to give a realistic prospect of conviction;
  • the offender must admit the offence;
  • the offender must understand the significance of a caution and give informed consent to being cautioned.
And he issues an apology

And deletes his "absurd bravado" post. Sorry 'tough boy' it don't work like that on t'internet. And he deletes the post even though writing this as part of his apology:
On the first point [of removing the blogpost], I felt it important people should be able to have their say. I will have to live with the justified criticisms for a long time.

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  1. A caution is probably the right result. Although in our current police state there are many others who've done far less who have had the book thrown at them of course.

    I would just wish to thank them both for providing me with the biggest belly-laugh I've had in a long time. And thanks to Youtube it will be a gift that will just keeps on giving... .