Thursday, 12 December 2013

Radio Silence

I've just noticed that I've been blogging now for just over four years. Blimey, it only seems like yesterday since I started.

However this is really a post to inform my readers that blogging is likely to be rather light until the new year for a number of reasons, the usual busy run up to Christmas and also that I'm helping Richard North with research regarding the Brexit submssion to the IEA, a submission which appears to be coming along nicely. Thus a period of radio silence is likely to ensure here in the interim and I thank readers for their patience.

On the Brexit I note Openingly Lying Europe had their "war games" yesterday noticeably though they have failed to be shortlisted for the IEA prize - if they entered at all. The Spectator reports:
John Bruton, the former Irish Taoiseach and EU ambassador to the US who was playing the part of the European Commission, was explicit that the British could not be allowed too good a deal for fear that this would encourage others member states to walk away.
While Mats Persson says:
The UK may have activated Article 50 of the EU treaties, triggering a two year period in which to negotiate a successor agreement which could take the form of a free trade deal. Remember, contrary to what some may believe, just like renegotiation, this too will require the approval of EU partners. For example, what terms could be secured for UK goods and services exporters into the EU?
Weasel words they all are, implying heavily that UK will be screwed over to prevent them from leaving. Yet Article 50 makes it very clear that:
"The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification."
If the terms are onerous we refuse to agree...simple as. Treaties cease to apply after 2 years regardless. The EU will be desperate to make our exit as smooth as possible - they have a fragile Eurozone to prop up so there is absolutely no way they would provoke a fight with a very important trading partner, to do so would be to bring the Eurozone and the EU project crashing around its ears.

However radio silence there may be on this blog but the fight still continues, albeit quietly for the time being.


  1. Go to it rightly, lad and all the best.

  2. The whole debate as conducted from the EUphile posture is beginning to resemble one of those science projects involving rodents.

    I watched a documentary (the remote was too far away for me to bother switching off - so I just dozily observed...) where hamsters were given run of a circular space, constrained by a simple barrier they couldn't surmount. No matter how big the space, they simply described their circular quest for hours on end getting nowhere. The scientists kept changing the diameter of the circular barrier, but never changed the shape.

    Eventually they replaced the barrier with a simple circle on the floor - and the hamsters dutifully simply followed the marking even though no barrier was present any longer.

    What passes for 'debate' among the chatterati seems the same. It never proceeds beyond a self-imposed barrier. TV discussion? With weary predictability, you'll get Martin Sorrel and Richard Branson - never (naturally) a politician. Discussion goes in predictable circles and ends up nowhere.

    Alleged informed academics such as Persson or Kellner? Seen it all before, and if they turned up again, you could provide the script yourself. As you could if Paddy Ashdown and Ken Clarke were permitted to lumber into the debate.

    Personally, as a Eurosceptic, I'll concede I have opinions but I'd never presume I'm correct simply because the debate I observe seems to confirm my views - but observing the EUphiles as a collective tribe, I remain ever astonished at how reticent they are to step out of the predictable circle of wagons to bring on board new notions.

    Maybe like some exotic animal, we don't ourselves realise that their own sustaining food is FUD, and they simply believe that everyone else must survive on the same stuff? But certainly an impermeable glass barrier exists between ourselves and the tribes who believe they own the debate. God knows what we have to do to break it down.