Saturday, 26 July 2014

Didcot Power Station: The Final Countdown

With around 12 hours to go until three of Didcot Power Station's iconic cooling towers are demolished I took the opportunity this morning to take a last few pictures. As it turned out I wasn't the only one with the same idea, the area is currently teeming with photographers, both amateur and professional, though hampered slightly by some road restrictions that are already in place.

Talking to a number of 'sightseers' it appears that many have made the journey from all over the county for one last look. One theme is consistent, within Didcot and outside it, despite the undoubted joy by the likes Greenpeace, the overwhelming mood is one of frustration, disappointment and sadness. And not just because of the jobs lost in the process. There is no doubt where the blame lies.

So here are a selection of pictures taken this morning of Didcot power station's last stand:


  1. And they weren't doing anyone any harm. I've been in and around similar cooling-towers over the years and they are masterful in their simplicity and effectiveness. I wonder, once sanity is returned to our country if someone will have to build replacements, for the coal-powered stations that must inevitably, in my mind, be built.

  2. Agree about the simplicity of cooling towers - I had the privilege of being in one of them some years ago as part of a free tour around Didcot.

    Not sure how long sanity will return, going by this website as an example it's going to take some time.

  3. Sanity will return when the lights start going out.
    Then they will return to sanity, after they have extorted a packet from everyone first, of course.