Thursday, 23 October 2014

Flexcit: How To Leave The EU

From Richard North, an edited version of his speech at Dawlish which addresses the issues of how we can leave the EU and negate the inevitable FUD in a referendum:


  1. By no means a criticism, more just a resigned observation, but where RN highlights that - to paraphrase - there's no reason 'we' should not be just as capable as Norway in playing the system, there is a reason.

    That reason being that we're saddled with a Political class, a Political system, and a Civil Service which actively wishes to remain in the EU. That remaining the case no aspect of that host would have any sincere intentions of engaging in a successful manner which would prove international conduct outside the body would be profitable and sustainable.

    It is a reason - not a 'good' reason I grant you, but all the time we're pre-hobbled with the current era of UK pro-EU politicians, we're unfortunately destined to follow solely the track their wilfully-worn blinkers compel.

    1. It's a good point about our own political class.

      It is though worth noting that Norway is saddled with exactly the same problem. Their political class is desperate to join the EU but their own pesky countrymen keep saying no. It's the main reason for the establishment of the EEA - with the complicity of the Norwegian political class - to try to persuade the reluctant Norwegian people that EU membership isn't a bad thing after all.

      I guess the lesson for us is that it's up to us to ensure that our own political class can't get away with it.