Tuesday 17 March 2015

Captain Ranty

Going by twitter it appears that the blogger Captain Ranty has sadly passed away. Captain Ranty was a vigorous and very honest blogger and his blogging popularity was vividly highlighted to this blogger by the fact he was simply one of the biggest traffic sources to this blog via his blogroll. The hit rate was staggering.

Captain Ranty's philosophy and belligerence of "Freeman stuff, Lawful Rebellion stuff and Random stuff was always an inspiration. However it's been clear for some time that his recent posts have expressed a deep personal sadness. Perhaps in this context he's done something silly. I don't know.

Although I never had the pleasure in meeting him, he will be much missed in this corner of the internet. But we'll carry on the fight in his name.

Goodnight Captain...


  1. A sad loss indeed. According to James Higham's Nourishing Obscurity blog we have also lost Unenlightened Commentary.


    1. Thank you for the link, I didn't know that. Sad.

  2. Sad news indeed. You will be missed, Cap'n.