Saturday, 4 April 2015

Comment Moderation

Rather tediously I've managed to attract an anonymous troll who seems to have been prompted by my previous post. 

With blogger, there's an option to ban anonymous posts - some kind of registration is required instead. However I refrain from that, largely because I want to allow comments to be as hassle free as possible and I very much welcome feedback even if it is critical.

But it is with some reluctance I've had to turn on comment moderation. This means that while all genuine posts will be published, there may be a slight delay in publication.

I apologise for the inconvenience.


  1. Try this -

    Mail me if you want to discuss off blog :

  2. Your blog, your rules,
    i did see the offending posts though, basically it came down to some idea that you are stupid because you thought one anonymous was the same as another anonymous, which happened as an answer to anonymous.
    Yes it was rather different, and I can understand why you are attempting to curb it.

    1. Thanks, there's been far more since . I've been deleting them not long after they've gone up. They're coming in, in batches.

  3. I am an Anoneumouse commenter :-))

  4. Are you referring to me ? I am quite happy to use my real name ADAMS .

  5. I see my posts do not get on . Have I been banned ?

  6. This is our constant bane as bloggers, BF. If we say anything of value, it attracts them.

  7. If a commenter can't engage or just posts insults like 'what a load of crap' my instinct is to delete. All they've proven is that they're ignorant and dumber than a very small bag of hammers.