Monday, 30 November 2009

Here, there and everywhere

I’m a huge fan of Beatles’ music and as a consequence I tend to take a more forgiving view of their personal antics than I would normally – even Sir Paul’s dalliance with Heather Mills.

When, however, a pop star or an actor suffers from a severe case of bono-itis* then it’s not something I can ignore easily, even if it is a Beatle:
Sir Paul McCartney will this week throw his weight behind a growing campaign to address global warming by reducing the amount of meat we eat, lobbying EU politicians for their backing.

Sir Paul said yesterday: "The message that I am taking to the European Parliament is...
The UK Parliament not good enough then? Since he's so concerned about climate change, let’s have a brief overview of Sir Paul’s carbon footprint shall we:
  • Sir Paul has an extensive portfolio of property, right across the globe including in; London, Scotland, LA and New York. These obviously all require the use of a private jet to visit them.

  • He has owned countless luxurious cars, including a Cadillac CTS sport and a C5 Corvette, and recently had his luxurious Lexus eco-car (which does an 'environment' friendly 29mpg) flown 7,000 miles from Japan.

  • He has toured over 3000 times since 1961, which of course involves transporting himself, his extensive entourage and equipment (These amps go up to 11, but don't worry I’ve planted an extra tree to compensate!).

Sir Paul is currently on tour, so how is he going to visit the EU Parliament?
The former Beatle will interrupt a European tour to fly to Brussels on Thursday

Bless, he's flying to help increase slow global warming.

Sir Paul of course has been a vegan for many years, a conversion prompted primarily by his concern over the welfare of animals, so this is another wonderful example of climate change being used as a peg on which to hang lots of other causes.

At a time when the science of climate change has been significantly undermined, as wonderfully detailed here, another multi-millionaire pampered pop star decides to lobby an institution, with a significant democratic deficit, in order to tell encourage the rest of us what to do.

Let them eat cake indeed (as long as it's a vegan one).

*Bono-itis. Pretty self evident, best summed up by this joke: “Q: What’s the difference between Bono from U2 and God? A: God doesn’t walk down the street thinking he’s Bono”

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