Saturday, 14 August 2010

Shock Horror! The BBC Mentions The EU.

Prominent on BBC News earlier today was a report that Dutch airline KLM is refusing to pay out compensation to its passengers delayed by the volcanic ash cloud earlier this year.

And throughout the report the BBC just couldn't stop mentioning the EU. It was liberally sprinkled with phrases such as; "protected by EU rules", "under EU rules passengers are entitled to compensation", "the EU Commission promises to get tough" and so on. The obligatory 'financially hit family' were featured, who were facing poor treatment from the airline. The tone of the report was very clear; nasty airlines, but at least the nice EU is on your side. They even interviewed a European Commission spokesman in front of the Berlaymont which must be a first (The BBC do know where it is then?), but no-one from the airline was interviewed or any hint that the airlines were grounded because of an EU decision in first place.

It wouldn't be such a problem if the BBC treated the more insidious actions of the EU with the same prominence. But they never do.

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