Thursday, 31 March 2011


That immigration is the most important issue has been discussed on this blog before, but it's a point neatly illustrated when a BBC 'digital TV switchover' letter comes through my door today. On the back of the envelope is the following (which I've scanned in, in full - click image to enlarge):

Out of nine translations the only EU languages are Romanian and Polish (I think - correct me if I'm wrong) - though apparently if you call the freephone number this can be rectified.


  1. Well, their downloadable Code of Services PDF says it's the BBC, so this is taxpayers money, yet again!

    I have emailed them to ask who is funding all this. I will let you know if I get a reply.

  2. Thanks Sue, indeed it has the BBC logo plastered all over the front of the envelope.

    One wonders if you need a polish translation on the envelope how you've coped with watching Eastenders on analogue tv.