Monday, 6 August 2012


Apologises for the temporary radio silence here at TBF towers...I've been distracted on a personal level which has prevented me from contributing to the Harrogate debate and other matters.

In the meantime I just thought I'd menschion that one of the most talented Tory MPs ever has called it a day - bored after 2 years - citing that old chestnut family reasons for her resignation:
Louise Mensch, the outspoken Conservative who has gained a huge following on social media, has unexpectedly resigned as MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire. 
I'd also like to point out that it's just not us that has noticed what's gone wrong in this country:

Bolt, who declared his intention to achieve legendary status by winning a third successive Olympic 100 metres final in Rio in 2016, said his normal routine had been disrupted by the myriad rules imposed by organisers of the Games in London.

He said: “There are a lot of rules, oh my God. You can’t do anything. I was coming and wanted to bring my tablets in and they said I couldn’t. I asked why. It is just a rule.

“I had my skipping rope in my bag and they said I can’t bring it in. Why? It is just a rule. What if I need to take a rubber band inside to stretch? I can’t take it inside because it is a rule.

"It is just very small rules that don’t make any sense to me. [Before the 100m final] the guy was telling us to line up. We were about to race and we were being told to stand in a straight line. It is kind of weird.”
And in addition Curiosity has landed safely on Mars:
A £1.6 billion one-ton robot rover the size of a small car landed safely on Mars today after one of the most daring and difficult interplanetary operations attempted. The six-wheeled rover Curiosity was lowered to the Martian surface on three nylon tethers suspended from a hovering "sky crane" kept airborne with retro rockets.
An expected signal confirming that the robot had landed was received on Earth at 6.31am UK time.
A marvel of human ingenuity - at a fraction of the cost of the London Olympics. Make of that what you will...

I'll be right back...


  1. What I liked about that story TBF, and I suppose one cannot guarantee it's veracity, is that half way through, Bolt decided to change his tune...

    As though someone had quietly put him right about what one can and cannot say in the UK these days.

  2. Mensch is about the only female Conservative MP from the new intake who has made any impression whatsoever - the rest are invisible. Oh, apart from that ridiculous Chloe Smith who Cameron parachuted into The Treasury so he had a female face to shove in front of the camera if needs be. The fact that she can't string two words together is neither here nor there in Cameron's Government.

    Mensch has smelt the coffee and knows the next GE is lost. Why bother putting in the hours when you know you're out of a job in 3 years or less.

  3. @right_writes Cheers, I didn't spot that.

    @DeeDee99 I agree with much of that, and it's a damning indictment of our current system that being an MP is treated so frivolously