Saturday, 22 September 2012

Being Rude

Andrew Mitchell, the Government’s chief whip, is in the sticky stuff for apparently being rude to a Police Officer. Unfortunate timing given that two Police Officers were shot dead this week.

Blogger Max Farquar has this quote from Tory cheerleader in chief, Iain Dale, attempting to defend the Mitchell's actions:
If we’re going to say that all politicians should resign if they, in a momentary lapse of judgement, lose their temper then we won’t have many politicians left
So it's worth noting that Mrs Dale hasn't always been so tolerant of politicians' momentary lapses of judgement particularly of the Labour variety, an example entitled "Gordon Brown's Top Tantrums":
We're all eagerly awaiting the serialisation of Andrew Rawnsley's book in tomorrow's Observer, and I, relishing doing the BBC News Channel paper review at 11.20pm tonight, followed by the Radio 5 Live on at midnight. To prepare us for the revelations the book will no doubt contain about Gordon's temper tanties, I thought it might be good to refresh our memories about existing account's of the dour one's demeanour. on earth did the Labour Party allow this man to become PM?
Or this:
Quite why the Labour Party are happy to have a proven bully defend Gordon Brown against charges of, er, bullying, is a little bizarre to say the least. He completely lost his temper with BBC News Channel interviewer Ben Brown this morning.
Tribal politics eh? A bubble existence obviously not for the benefit for the rest of us...


  1. >then we won’t have many politicians left

    He writes that as if it were a problem...

  2. This is blown up out of all proportion. I am normally respectful of the law and it's officers but have occasionally felt like blowing my top at some officious jobsworth.
    Whilst whips are selected for their nastiness and low morals, they are still human!
    He picked on a stroppy Bobby, that is all.

  3. @Anon...Indeed, I wouldn't disagree with him bar his hypocrisy

    @Edward Spalton I certainly would have sympathy with anyone who has problems with jobsworth PCs, certainly as a football fan I've had more than my fair share of problems.

    It's just revealing that Mrs Dale doesn't apply even standards

  4. I recall collecting a coffee table from an antiques shop near to Exeter football ground on a Saturday afternoon in the early eighties. As I was raising the hatchback, a Police Transit van pulled up parallel to our legally parked car and the Police driver wound down his window and said to me "Move your f***ing car, now". At least he didn't call me a Wellie.