Friday, 12 October 2012

Beyond Parody

Many of my readers will now probably be aware that the EU has been aware the Nobel Peace Prize, for...wait for it (drum roll)...[contributing] to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe".

That the award has been received with much derision speaks for itself - to paraphrase Mrs Thatcher - "you can't buck the facts". 

The Nobel Peace prize has long been discredited, but it may have surpassed itself this time, though worth noting that the decision by the five-member panel, is led by Jagland who is also Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. No conflict of interest there...oh no.

What is evident by this news though is the retreat into an ever decreasing circle of a self-congratulatory bonanza; Harrogate becomes ever more important - we need to realise our own power and pdq. And while Barroso offers a smug, beaming reaction to the news, he ought to be aware that Alfred Nobel's other legacy has a far more immediate, potent and effective outcome.

Still it could have been worse (or more hilarious); the EU could have been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics


  1. It seems about right to me...

    Surely there is no anomaly in a distinctly divisive organisation being awarded with a prize that was derived from the profits made through the invention and sale of dynamite.

    The EU (weird because it is a corporation rather than a person) is in some illustrious company...

    Don't talk to me about the world being turned upside down!

  2. Oh and apart from my poor attempt at being funny TBF... Here is something via the Adam Smith Institute that is genuinely funny.

  3. Surely it is obvious that the EU deserves a Nobel Prize for its great achievement in banning the re-use of jam-jars? That alone is a major contribution to human rights, democracy and world peace.

  4. @right_writes thanks for the link

    @Julia Gasper Quite, though of course jam jars can have a usual purpose (if filled with the right substances) in facilitating human rights, democracy and world peace. :-)