Friday, 10 May 2013


How odd, in 2011 Cameron imposed a three line whip on a parliamentary vote regarding an EU referendum, brought about by a petition:
A leading Tory backbencher says his party's high command is in "complete panic" over next week's Commons vote on an EU referendum.
Clearly 3-line whips are used when the Government is concerned that Parliament may vote against their proposals and wishes. So it's revealing to learn, 2 years later, that Tory 'rebels' have a free vote on the same issue:
Tory MPs could be allowed to vote against the Queen's Speech next week as a row over an EU referendum deepens.
Oh how jolly that because Cameron is sure of winning the vote anyway?

And what a joke this is:
The prime minister's official spokesman did not rule out the possibility that Mr Cameron might consider backing the amendment himself, effectively voting against his government's Queen's Speech.
But Mr Cameron is likely to be out of the country when the vote takes place.
I'm coming to the conclusion that I hope Labour win the next election because the last thing we need is a fake referendum on the EU organised by this bunch of charlatans (if bunch is the right collective noun).


  1. Loose collective of charlatans, part of a greater collective of charlatans all agreed that leaving the EU would be terrible because it would challenge the established order - or ordure as it might be seen.

    Cameron has no principles to guide him, other than protecting the established order, which has drifted toward an unaffordable left wing, Toynbeesque, total humbug view of the world from which him and his are protected.

    He's pegging it out the best he can until the GE which he hopes is lost.

    Up the UKIP talk and he may be able to do the traditional Tory thing and absorb and dissipate anti EU feelings.

    Over egg the pudding and he could just win the next GE and he could be faced with his worst nightmare which is the job being other than nominally managing the Civil Service and the flow.

    The trick is to lose the next election, but only just. Being wiped out would cause immense problems for the status quo. Winning it would stretch the thin and rather perished Tory elastic to the point where it has to break.

    UKIP are not going to form the next government, and if they did there would be a feeling of business as usual and it would likely be business as usual, but they are useful in breaking up the cozy consensus.

  2. We don't need a referendum - we've already GOT a referendum. The EU election in 2014 is going to be our referendum. Last time UKIP came second. Next time it could win.

  3. I have always refered to a b***ards collectivly as "A shower"