Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Future King Who Can't Rule In His Own Kingdom.

It's worth noting that the new born royal boy is not a subject of his great-grandmother but like the rest of us is merely a citizen as per the Nationality Act 1981 which came into force in 1983. Then in addition he is also, without choice, a citizen of the European Union as per the Maastricht Treaty 1992. The Queen has been relegated to being only a citizen of the EU as well.

A symbolic example of the impotence of our country was laid bare during Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day in 2011 when they were photographed in a car with " Euro" plates.

Late this evening as the royal couple were preparing to show off their new born to the world's press, the BBC's royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell reiterated time and time again live on air that they would not be allowed to leave unless the hospital were satisfied that they had the appropriate child car seat. His frequent comments and references were summarised very briefly on the BBC website as follows:
1839: BBC correspondent Nicholas Witchell says the royal couple will come out with the baby between now and 7pm. They will answer a couple of questions - there is a microphone set up. They will then re-enter the hospital and put the baby in his car seat before departing for Kensington Palace.
And as a government website makes abundant clear the use of car seats is an EU competence, specifically EU Directive 2003/20/EC.

It's revealing that the little lad is hardly a day old but already he's subject to EU laws his parents have no say over.


  1. Whilst I accept TBC that the child seat drivel is derived from the EU...

    Given a different scenario where we were not in the EU, but had the same type of EU loving bureaucracy...


    I would be surprised if the communitarians within that bureaucracy would not have foisted something equally, or even more juvenile into the legislation, completely independently.

    The EU is merely a symptom of the disease, which needs to be addressed within this country... We can't blame the EU for our ills, neither can we rely on its legislation to return this nation to freedom...

    ...Not that all of the people of this country ever had it anyway.

  2. I can't disagree with any of your comment right_writes.