Monday, 30 December 2013


...the EU does precisely what it says on the tin
Lord Wolfson warns European Union has become 'hungry for power'
I mean it's utterly shocking isn't it? It's amazing how suddenly everyone (well more accurately those in the media) is waking up to the fact the EU has covered up this “power grab” secret for almost like 55 years. Or gosh, perhaps they haven't...
"And I confirm, as announced last year, the intention to present, before the European elections, further ideas on the future of our Union and how best to consolidate and deepen the community method and community approach in the longer term. That way, they can be subject to a real European debate. They will set out the principles and orientations that are necessary for a true political union."
In terms of hiding stuff in plain sight this is ridiculous.


  1. You really begin to wonder what planet these people inhabit. I mean its only as plain as the nose on your face what the EU is all about. Of course its a government of governments - anything else is just window dressing.

    How do these idiots run businesses for God's sake.

    Mind you,he is a tory peer so nuff said really

  2. It's never news and has never happened until the media decides so.

    When the media has an agenda, it will always turn to those who advance it so long as they deem them to have prestige. Facts and evidence are inconveniences unless they fit the narrative.

    All we can do is point to the facts and the reality and hope our much smaller platform still reaches people who will appreciate the truth and understand the way of things.

  3. As AM says - they're not deluded, they travel on a set route and any signs that indicate a different direction they ignore.

    The media are wilfully obeying the three-party consensus.

  4. BF, please get in touch. This excellent blog needs more publicity.