Thursday, 9 January 2014

Have Your Say On The EU?

Further to my previous post I learn from Witterings From Witney:
 ...we are to be blessed by Viviane Reding's presence in London on 10th February. When one views the three main themes on which her intended remarks will be based, one cannot but notice how each one is designed to promote the European Union:
  • After the eurozone crisis;
  • Our rights as a EU citizen; and,
  • The future of ‘Europe’.
How jolly nice of her.
This will be an opportunity for people to articulate their hopes for and concerns about the EU directly to one of its senior officials.
Well that’s one way of putting it. One wonders how many robust questions will be asked? But naturally it is nothing more than a consultation exercise that is along the lines of ‘thank you for your feedback, it was most constructive, but we’ll just carry on as normal' justifying their actions by arguing the people were consulted.

Interestingly the meeting is February 10th, just before the "Blueprint for Britain outside the EU" has to be submitted for the Brexit prize.

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