Thursday, 17 April 2014

Do Betfair Know Something We Don't?

This might be me but there seems to be a name missing from this list (click UK politics/ Next UK Prime Minister)...


  1. One assumes thats because Cameron is PM now, so if he wins the next election he just goes on being the PM. There can only be a 'next' PM when Cameron stops being PM. Who could be another Tory, if Cameron won in 2015, stepped down prior to 2020 and a new Tory leader (Boris naturally!) won and became the 'next' PM.

    1. Aye, I took that view as well last night. I was just having a little dig at Cameron while rummaging around look for decent odds to bet against Farage being leader of UKIP in 2015 :-)

      Technically though during an election we don't have MPs - they all become candidates – so we don’t have PM either (ah what bliss) so he could still potentially become our next PM.

    2. And we didn't have a PM either, or a Government immediately after the 2010 GE.

      Although I do recall some Scottish bloke squatting in #10.

      It was a period in the political life of this country, when it was truly bliss :)

    3. Oh yes, I remember the finger nail marks on the walls as they were trying to drag him out....

    4. @Mr Morden Actually just realised my last paragraph was nonsense, being an MP is not a requirement to be PM - the Queen can appoint anyone and they remain so until they resign etc. So GB was PM until he resigned.

      Though Cameron can resign, and then can be reappointed so in that sense he can still be the next PM