Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Having returned from Scotland over the weekend, may we suggest that if it wants to maintain its reputation as "a clean, unspoilt destination with beautiful scenery", which generates at least £4bn per year in tourist spending, it stops desecrating all that lovely scenery with wind turbines.

We have never seen so many turbines - the presence of so many completely destroys any natural beauty the Scottish countryside has.

However on the brighter note we took the opportunity to visit parts of Scotland we hadn't got around to seeing previously. We had a little day trip to Dundee, despite the rain, and found our way to Tannadice Street home of both Dundee FC...
 ...and Dundee Utd FC.

They're so close together on the same street it's ridiculous (Dundee is on the right, Dundee Utd is just down the road on the left). 

And then we visited the Falkirk Wheel, which is an amazing piece of engineering - the 21st century upgrade of the Anderton boat lift in Cheshire:

And with engineering in mind, we note that passing across the Forth Road Bridge progress is being made on its replacement which is due to be finished next year. The reason for the replacement, despite being built in the 1960s, is the old road bridge is falling to pieces. What a contrast to the Victorian rail bridge, opened in 1890 which...er...is still there and needs no replacement. And is the bridge where the SNP are proud to stand outside.

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