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Happy New Year: Laying The Foundations Of EU Exit

Play off everyone against each other so that you have more avenues of action open to you.
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While the dishonesty of the legacy media, particularly regarding EU matters, has never been in doubt, 2015 at least demonstrated that if nothing else the prospect of a referendum on the UK's membership has really smoked them out. Despite information freely available on the internet their determination to live in an unreal bubble continues regardless.

In this context we can expect much empty noise in 2016 from the legacy media on the possibility of a 2016 referendum, particularly regarding one being held in June. Media speculation will continue despite Electoral Commission recommendations to the contrary and the hosting of Euro football 2016 championships in June which all but rules it out. There is also another reason which rules out a June 2016 referendum and we will address this in a piece shortly.

With a referendum almost certain to be held in late 2017, 2016 is the year where one of the important aspects of 2016 is to lay "the sound, intellectual foundations on which an effective public campaign can be based". Without foundations we will be left with the usual eurosceptic platitudes which have a decades long proven record of failure and will compound our defeat.

Another importance of 2016 is to undermine Vote Leave Ltd as a serious contender for the official designation. Not only is Vote Leave making a serious mess of the referendum campaign, and its players' intentions have ulterior motives but it does not appear serious regarding exit - as Mr Bexit notes:
Although not perfect and in need of some gravitas, the 'Leave.EU' group formed by Arron Banks, is genuinely committed to Britain leaving the EU completely and for good. Therefore they are allies in this fight.

The same cannot be said of the Matthew Elliott/Dominic Cummings money making venture, 'Vote Leave'. The group is populated at its highest levels by people professing to be 'eurosceptic' but who want Britain to remain in the EU as long as there are reforms. 
We saw further evidence of this yesterday when we see this tweet from the remarkably quiet "campaigner of his generation", Matthew Elliott:

Suzanne Evans, a former Conservative councillor has joined what is an EU "reform" campaign. Further concerns are raised when we see Evans' interview in the Telegraph in March 2015:
Asked “if you could negotiate reform you were happy with would you stay in?” Miss Evans replied: “Yes probably.”
She continued: “But I don’t think that is going to happen - that is the problem. If we could reform the EU that would be wonderful, but unfortunately this is an organisation that just won’t reform.”
With Matthew Elliott being on record as say that "if the Government gets two-tier Europe, we're very much in? And reform is exactly what Cameron will deliver - reform in the form of a two-tier Europe by Associate Membership. So would Suzanne Evans say "yes, probably" to this scenario?

It's a position where Evans repeatedly has been reluctant to give a direct answer to that question on twitter and has failed to distance herself from either her own remarks or those of Matthew Elliott. We can only, therefore, draw our own conclusions.

Winning is going to be hard enough without our own side being undermined by a campaign doing Cameron's bidding. They must be stopped. But with the media on their side it is going to have to be up to us.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to correct a historic mistake, 2016 allows us to lay the foundations in preparation of a 2017 poll.

And on that note I wish all my readers a happy new year.

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