Tuesday, 7 February 2012

An Anniversary

A day after Accession day for the Queen - 60 years on - Your Freedom and Ours reminds us of a less happy anniversary - it's 20 years today since signing the Maastricht Treaty:
A somewhat less happy anniversary today: twenty years ago the Treaty on European Union, otherwise known as the Maastricht Treaty was signed. That, of course, was not the end of the story even of the treaty and its implementation but the date does need to be remembered. Members of the Conservative Party (if there be any left) might like to remind themselves as to which party was in government at the time.
Not only did Maastricht signal a great leap forward in European integration - making us all, including the Queen, EU citizens - and fostering the beginnings of UKIP but it lay the foundations of the destruction of the Tory party. They have never won an election since Maastricht was passed by Parliament.


  1. You'd think the Conservative Party would have worked out by now that the British people, left and right wing, are predominently EU-sceptic and the way to win votes across the spectrum isn't to become a version of BluLabour.

    All they need to do to win is start the process of withdrawing us from the EU (single market membership via EEA/EFTA is fine). But to the CON Elite, UK membership of the EU is more important than the Conservative Party winning elections.

    Until the Party membership rids itself of the pro-EU cabal at the top, they will not win a General Election. There are enough Tory refusniks to prevent it now.

  2. @DeeDee99 Sadly it's my view the Tories have worked out that the British people are Eurosceptic...but they don't care.

    And nor will they until they are deprived of power because of it...and even then perhaps not. Despite that the 2010 election showed them the effect of UKIP which partly deprived them of a win, they still didn't care.

    The Tories love the EU more than their own electorate. I personally believe they would rather destroy their own party than exit.