Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Forcing Greece Out

As previously mentioned on this blog, and by Richard North, and by Mary Ellen Synon, it looks like Greece is on its way out of the Euro - forced by the Germans. It's nice to see the BBC catching up eventually, and the fact they're starting to report it, reluctant as they always are to mention EU matters, indicates how close this scenario is coming to pass.


  1. I thouight it was against EU law to be obese? or is that just for us plebs?

  2. Is somebody at the BBC going to be sacked for producing this blatant anti-EU propaganda? Our glorious leaders in Brussels (or is it Strasbourg?) will lead us out of this mess created by Eurosceptic bloggers like North and that Frog fellow. Or so-called journalists like Booker and Dellingpole. The unbiased BBC always tells the pravda...err I mean truth. The Greek people are obviously rioting because they want more austerity and the unelected government of Greece refuses to give it to them! Thank god for the EU and the eurozone in particular. Otherwise the economy would be worse than it currently is. Heil Merkel!!!!

  3. @Anon The rule of law is always just for us plebs :-)

    @thespecialone Well, quite...