Saturday, 22 September 2012


The Guardian has a poll showing that the Lib Dems are now the fourth party behind UKIP (my emphasis):
Nick Clegg faced a double blow on Saturday night as one of his closest advisers admitted that the coalition's spending cuts had been too deep and a new poll showed the Liberal Democrats were now the fourth party in British politics behind Ukip.
Odd then that the excuse on this occasion for the Lib Dems is that spending cuts are too deep, when UKIP have a policy of far more robust cuts:
Recognise the dangerous levels of national debt and accept there is no alternative to major cuts in government spending. We do not accept that service improvements require ever-increasing government expenditure, and believe there is substantial waste and inefficiency that can be eliminated while vital front line services remain fully protected. UKIP also believes profligate government spending is killing off the productive activity that provides tax funds, and that easing the burden will be the route to revitalising the economy
Obviously it's now conference season so much manoeuvrings and nonsense on stilts appealing to the party faithful takes place, but it does take a strange distorted twist of logic to argue that the reason the Lib Dems are behind in the polls is because they're cutting too much when the party they are comparing against has policy of doing far more.


  1. I think you give the people who took part in the opinion polls too much credit. A supplementary question asking what is UKIP's economic policy would, I suspect, result in an overwhelming percentage of 'Don't know' answers. UKIP's popularity is much more a refection of Britain not Brussels and outright rejection of the main 3 parties - different colours but all washed out.

  2. Come on, Boiling Frog, you know why people hate Nick Clegg. Because he bought the student votes promising to abolish tuition fees and then gave them two fingers the minute he got into power. And because he warned everybody about the terrible Tories during the election then jumped in bed with them. And because he's a Europhile through and through, who tells us we should be prepared to pay MORE in bail-outs. And because he's a spoilt rich boy who's never done a proper job. And because he calls people bigots. And because...[ sorry you have exceeded the maximum word limit]

  3. He's too much a caricature to be real. A human being can't be that bad in real life - surely?