Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Ramifications Continue

From the Independent:
Senior lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were handed detailed analysis of the police cover-up of the Hillsborough disaster 14 years ago but decided to take no action against any officers involved, the senior lawyer who led a private prosecution on behalf of the families says today.
In a withering attack on the criminal-justice system in The Independent, Alun Jones, QC says the Director of Public Prosecutions needs to explain why his office did "absolutely nothing" in 1998 after considering a line-by-line analysis of tampered reports by South Yorkshire police.
Successive Home Secretaries also did "absolutely nothing" when requested to open the Hillsborough case, including Jack Straw in 1998, who responded, as follows, to the accusations of amended statements by South Yorkshire Police:
"There are bound to be questions, however, about whether anything in this process might amount to misconduct of a criminal or disciplinary nature. Lord Justice Stuart-Smith considers it would not. It would in theory be possible to instigate a further police investigation to confirm this conclusively, but I think the outcome would be a foregone conclusion, and I do not consider that such an investigation should be instigated."
That Jack Straw did nothing in the face of the evidence, and now having been caught out, must surely account for this childish and cynical outburst in order to deflect attention away from himself.

What is clear, though, is the cover-up and corruption went right to the top.


  1. My wife and I have long had a game of keeping score of the number of times that people blame Mrs. thatcher for all manner of things (She invented greed, you know!).

    It's surprising how often she still crops up.

    Straw's contemptible blame passing comes into the triple word score class. The trouble is that all the luvvies will nod sagely and agree with him. So will many of the media folk. I am waiting for a regular writer to our local paper to use this one.

    Thanks to your blog, I will have a ready riposte

  2. Another conspiracy theory that's no longer a theory.

  3. @Edward Spalton Thanks for your comment, I agree on your point of how often Thatcher gets blamed for everything - it is amazing. Personally I always blame her for my hedge remaining uncut ;-)

    @Twig, Indeed, though tbh I'm not always a fan of conspiracy theories, but in this case it was an obvious one.

  4. @TBF

    I know what you mean, but conspiracies do happen, and have done throughout history.

    Theories are only theories, until they can be proved.

    The government normally put a time bar on much of the evidence, so that it remains a theory until a point in the future when the players are long gone and no one can be sued.

    I am keeping an eye on the chemtrails theory at the moment and I have to say that the more I see the less cynical I become.

  5. Anyone with half a braincell knew that the Hillsborough debacle was made far worse than it ought to have been by sheer incompetance on behalf of the services that are supposed to look after the 'people' find out the truth of the enormity of the incompetence AND the cynical covering up of the same comes as little surprise to many, it is what we have come to expect and the PTB do not disappoint us, in fact they seem to revel in making larger and larger 'cock-ups' which are swept under the SAME threadbare rug, if they bothered to dig a hole first before sweeping things under there then perhaps the 'lump' might not be so obvious and still fool some, but they're so terminally feckless that thewy cannot be bothered...for really "what can they do about it" is their attitude ...they WILL be taken to task...oh yes they WILL be!

    Wv 15 eedyet...seems about right to me...

  6. Cock up theory is a much better model.

    Hillsboro should not have been open for business, that is the fault of the Council and SWFC. not enough turnstiles to cope is the technical answer.

    The Police are a public order body not a public safety body (see above)

    Statements are always after the fact accounts, they are often amended. one of the reasons for this was the nature of some of the deaths and injuries to protect the relatives.

    Hillsboro was and is an accident. Liverpool cannot accept it. IF it was foreseeable then someone would have foreseen it. No one did. Concerns yes but no,"if this is left the way it is plp will die" sort of thing.

    Yes I was there, did not see much but I have 2 friends 1 stjohns and other police who saw a lot. No names sorry.(redacted)