Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Stuck Record

Today in the Daily Mail we have Education Secretary Michael Gove (pictured above) demanding that we quit the EU if we 'don't get our sovereignty back'. Apparently he's exasperated that:
The Education Secretary is among a number of Tory Ministers who say they have been shocked to discover the extent of Brussels’ power to interfere in UK legislation. 
Officials say several aspects of Mr Gove’s school reforms have been ‘disrupted’ by the  EU and the European Court of Human Rights.
In 2011 we had this from Oliver Letwin Cameron's Policy Minister:
Constantly being told what you can and can’t do by Brussels is driving Ministers and No 10 deeper and deeper into the Eurosceptic camp.

Oliver Letwin, Cameron’s mild-mannered and cerebral Policy Minister, has become so frustrated by this constant interference that he has told colleagues he thinks Britain should leave the European Union if it won’t give us all the opt-outs the Government wants.

Letwin is not alone in thinking this. In one department, a recent meeting between a Secretary of State and a junior Minister ended with the pair agreeing that the only solution to the problem they were discussing was to get out of the EU.

Cameron’s strategy guru and close friend Steve Hilton is getting fed up with the way Brussels bureaucracy is blocking his agenda for a post-bureaucratic age.
For some reason the tedium reminds me of a certain advert for a brand of domestic electrical appliances in the early '90s


  1. What is there to say? I'd say laugh in their faces. I'd say vote for anyone but Lib, Lab, Con because whatever their rosette, they are all a con. Unfortunately, we have to give UKIP our vote and if they don't deliver us from the EU, then I suggest that we are then free to fire up the ovens and shove the politicians (together with all socialists and muslims) into them and free us from their malignancy.

  2. Ovens are expensive - need lots of fuel. Piano wire and a lamp post is much cheaper ;-)

  3. The occasional expression of EU sceptic opinions by Tories is designed to give the impression that the Tories are still conservative, especially when there is an election is looming.

    The same goes for Chris Graying's conference remarks about defending your home against intruders.