Saturday, 13 October 2012

The BBC In A Glasshouse

Have I Got News For You has long passed its sale-by-date of biting commentary on current news (if it ever was that), largely resembling a tired format where the hosts turn up, go through the motions and go home. That said, last night - the start of a new series - was intriguing in how they would confront the current storm swirling around the BBC over Jimmy Savile. He was a guest on the programme a couple of times and the programme was the feature of a notorious (and faked) internet account of an alleged outtake regarding Savile.

You can see the Savile segment in the above clip which is taken from last night's show and the result is nothing short of a major rearguard action in defence of the BBC. To summarise, according to the show, it's all the Daily Mail's fault. Apparently it's merely a symptom of 'BBC bashing'. Even the old standby of "it's Margaret Thatcher's fault" makes an appearance.

Now it is true newspapers are not exempt from hypocrisy in this matter, but printing pictures of a 15 year old Charlotte Church in a bikini is one thing, employing and knowingly covering up for the actions of a paedophile, rapist and serial sex offender over decades is quite another.

What you can hear is the unmistakable sound of closing ranks and (if you'll excuse the pun) covering arses particularly by Hislop and Merton. Reassuringly the audience (who are fans of the show - applying for free tickets as they do) would appear to beg to differ. A few times where one would have expected laughter or applause after the team captain's had said their piece, there was silence. If they think attacking the Daily Mail is going get the BBC off the hook then they have sorely misjuged the mood.

As commented on the show Jimmy Savile hid in plain view, one could say the same about BBC bias.


  1. TBF, I watched this clip, waiting for the humour. But there isn't any. It has the feeling of a situation Where a party guest has over-stepped the mark and is desperately trying toreingratiate himself with ever more embarassing statements and insults. The programme symbolises the bbc - well past its sell-by date.

  2. Very sad - they once did some good things. I watched it now and it was bad, particularly Merton and that feminist.

  3. That programme was a disgrace for all the reasons given.

  4. @JiC Indeed you're right, humour was lacking - it was instead a naked full scale verbal assault, which they did not even attempt to disguise.

    @James Higham I used to attend some of the recordings and I agree. Now it just seems they know which side their bread is buttered.

    @Anon Thanks

  5. The hosts joke about tall buildings and Abu Hamza went down like a lead balloon.

    Could it be that the BBC has finally jumped the shark?

  6. @Anon BBC jumping the shark? One always lives in hope ;-)