Sunday, 10 February 2013

Same Sex Marriage And Europe

Back in December of last year, I noted that while the issue of same-sex marriage didn't register very highly in terms of my interest it had an amusing side-effect of watching the Tories destroy their own party. (I'm using the term same-sex because "gay marriage" apparently offends the sensibilities of some in the LGBT community - I kid you not, Newswatch 7:15 mins in).

Aside from the serious question of democracy (Cameron has no mandate for this) I was always puzzled why the Tories seemed so determined to destroy themselves and their chances at the next election - a view echoed by Richard North in a post a couple of days later. Normally suspicions are aroused in these circumstances that there must be an element of the EU about it. However at the time I drew a blank. But as it now turns out I was looking in the wrong place.

This week in a series of highly informative posts, Richard North has nailed the European angle - its genesis lies with the Council of Europe rather than the EU - culminating in this piece by Christopher Booker in today's Sunday Times, which concludes (my emphasis):
A speech by the British judge, Sir Nicolas Bratza, then head of the European Court of Human Rights, signalled that the court was ready to declare same-sex marriage a “human right”, as soon as enough countries fell into line.

Such are the real reasons that our Government needed to rush through last week’s vote on gay marriage. We are committed to “full implementation” of the Council of Europe’s policy no later than this June (and hence the similar law now being rushed through in France). It has been a brilliant political coup by the gay lobby, aided by Featherstone, May and those shadowy European bodies that, in so many ways, now rule our lives. But why weren’t we told more honestly and openly why it has all happened?
Why indeed? And thus in one sentence sums up our relationship with all institutions European.

Sadly it comes as no surprise that the agendas of a minority of a minority can simply trample over democracy without so much as a by your leave, illustrated no better than the former 'equalities' minister Lynne Featherstone demanding that writers and editors of newspapers should be sacked for publishing an opinion.

With dreary expectation we can expect soon a challenge to the ECHR that churches will be forced against their will to marry same-sex couples.


  1. "With dreary expectation we can expect soon a challenge to the ECHR that churches will be forced against their will to marry same-sex couples" - I think the churches are going to have to finally decide if Christianity is worth the sacrifice of loss of personal liberty for those priests and vicars who defy this ridiculous law. Martyrs of the past suffered much worse than anything our present day clergy can expect to receive (of course I am not including the Christians in all muslim lands who suffer for their beliefs in dreadful ways that should shame our indigenous leaders of the church).

    1. It is indeed a pickle, not just with Christianity eithr. No doubt Tatchell will bring a case against the CofE at the first opportunity, but what about Muslims for example who also oppose the measure. Are we going to see a ECHR case against mosques.

      It's a right mess and one that is not yet over...

  2. Just heard on the radio that free NHS IVF treatment will be given to lesbians. 6 cycles at £8,000 a pop.
    I’ll bet these sacred cows of political correctness will not
    experience the abuse and neglect that the Mid Staffs victims suffered.


  3. Obviously, this is yet another compelling reason to withdraw from the EU or at least from the ECHR, but there is a real hope that we in UK could resist this pernicious 'gay' legislation. According to "Mass Resistance", the silent majoprity of Illiunois have woken up to what horrific tyranny gay marriage has imposed on Massachusets and have blocked the similar bill in their legislature. We could do the same using the likely impetus that should arise from a robust rejection if the bill in the House of Lords. The masses need to be told that the basic claim of the gay brigade, namely that their 'gayness' is innate or genetic is entirely spurious. I suggest everyone should google "Born-gay Hoax debunked" and encourage their MP or any friendly contact in the Lords to be bold enough to challenge this fraudulent claim. We rightly 'discriminate' against paedophiles by censuring their chosen activities--we should do the same with Gays, but,of course, let them do their 'thing' in private--just NOT impose their ways on all of society.

  4. This is another good reason to withdraw from the EU, or at least the ECHR. But there is a real hope that our House of Lords will reject this pernicious legislation. If they do so robustly enough and state strong reasons, such as the bogusness of the gay's claim that their lifestyle is genetic or innate rather than a choice ( like adultery), then the silent majority might wake up to the con trick that is being foisted on to them. Everyone should read "born gay--hoax debunked" and be encouraged that, with such truth, we can defeat this bill, as the good people of Illinois seem to be doing. They were probably stirred from their complacency/apathy by learning of what tyranny gay marriage has unleashed on Massachusets--see "Mass Resistance" website. It can and must happen here too. There is also compelling medical and social evidence of how homosexuality is harmful and dysfunctional--it will cost the NHS huge amounts and not just for IVF, but for AIDS and many other gay-related disorders. We must all pressure our MPs and any friendly contacts in the Lords, with great urgency.