Saturday, 28 September 2013

One Last Chance?

The tedious metronomic Tory policy on the EU strikes again...
[Cameron] says the European Union deserves “one last chance” to change before voters are given a say over whether Britain should quit in a referendum by 2017, ruling out a vote before the election. While he can “understand” the appeal of Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, Mr Cameron tells voters who want a referendum: “I am the one person that can give it to you”;
I don't think I need to insult anyone's intelligence by pointing out the copious fallacies in Cameron's assertions. But I guess it's still conference season...


  1. Is there anyone sane in the country who still believes a word that twerp utters?

    Dear and beloved leaders of the three cheeks of the same arse party..We Don't Believe a Word That You Say Anymore.

    Most of haven't for more years than enough but you've managed to prove to all but the sadly really deluded that you are untrustworthy traitors who should be serving time or worse for what you have collectively done to this country.


  2. When were the previous occasions on which it was given a chance to change and what was it asked to do to mend its ways? What was the result? Arrogant dismissal or duplicitously feigning to have altered its ways when it did nothing of the sort? I must have blinked and missed them.

    Anyway, there's no point in telling us that he's giving the EU a last chance to change, he has to tell it, making it clear that this is the last chance, explain what he expects and when by, and what the consequences will be should they fail to measure up. It's only fair to give it a clear warning.

  3. So determined is David Cameron, that he even has his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up in a hospital ward... somewhere in the "north".

    This man obviously means business!

    1. Trying desperately to appear caring. Completely out of touch.

      He should have got his picture in the papers wearing a little cloth cap.

  4. O/T

    Don't know whether you have seen paper from the German Institute for International & Security affairs.

    If would appear that the Germans are at least half expecting the UK to leave and have done more work on the mechanics of our exit than we have.

    1. Sean that's great, thank you. Am reading it post will follow

  5. Sean, great stuff ! Well Done mate.

    When it comes to matters EU or, Little Europe, the political class have a tendency to talk to the electorate as if we were like children. The "lets give them one last chance", sounds like a mother warning their wayward child before punishment. Pathetic !

  6. The Catch-22 of British politics continues - which do you prefer, the death-by-a-thousand-gouges [note, I avoid the word 'cuts'!, what cuts?] from Cameron & co or death by the guillotine offered by Red Ed.

    And then, of course, one has the sensible policies but dreadful leadership [and zero electoral prospects] of UKIP {the less said the better about the non-dem fibbers}.

  7. Why do you say that UKIP have got zero electoral prospects? Its percentage of the vote is going up steadily year by year. If having a terrible leader kept you out of power, why the hell would Cameron and Clegg be where they are today?

    1. Because of FPTP : it doesn't take much to realise the consequent difficulties for small parties, even for those with small brains.

    2. Because UKIP have widespread support through the country. A much lower proportion of the popular vote confined to a few constituencies would see them with MPs.

      e.g. Plaid Cymru, Respect, the Greens, Kidderminster Hospital Trust.

      With current vote distribution UKIP could get 25% of the popular vote at a GE and only get two or three MPs.

      Forecasts are that with 10% of the vote the LibDems will get 23 seats and UKIP with 14% of the vote will get no seats.

      Conservatives and Labour have numerous safe seats
      such as Christchurch and Rhondda which will return an MP of a particular colour, no matter how dismal he leader.

      Cameron was seen as the Conservatives' Great White Hope. The LibDems' mistake was to be involved in government rather than offer magical solutions which they knew would be never put to the test.

  8. To consider his comment seriously is to descend into apoplexy. Best not to.