Friday, 23 May 2014

Glass Half Full

My only response to this is...why?

Let's admit it; no one likes to order a half. The tiny glass it comes in seems unimpressive and it feels like it's gone within seconds. However, understandably, some of us do not hold the capacity to drink such large quantities at once so we must give in to the faux pas that is the pint glass's less impressive sibling.
But wait, it doesn't have to be like this! This amazing new invention changes the stigma that surrounds the pint glass's inferior sibling and transforms its look completely...
Introducing the Half A Pint glass. How does it differ? I hear you ask. Simply put, the glass is the usual half pint size, but is split length ways instead, so from an angle it will look as if you are drinking from a normal pint glass!
Say goodbye to the dissatisfying feeling that clutching a half  brings and feel like one-of-the-gang every time you sip a frosty one.
A great gift idea for the dad who is struggling to keep up these days or your pint-sized drinking buddy.

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