Monday, 19 May 2014

Nick Clegg In Oxford

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Nick Clegg will be hosting a debate on ‘Britain’s Place in the EU' in Oxford, as Witterings from Witney noted on his blog on the 12th:
Digressing slightly, Clegg is to hold what is being termed a ‘no holds barred’ Q&A session about ‘matters EU’ in Oxford on Tuesday 20th May. I have applied for a ticket, only to find that being granted one will involve a ‘ballot’ – consequently I am not holding my breath).
To try to increase WfW's chances of winning in the ballot I also applied for tickets via three different names including my own. Well as it happens and rather unexpectedly we've been notified today via email that every application has been approved - so we wonder how popular it will be. Given I've been accepted as well I intend to join WfW tomorrow attending the Q&A with a view to taking Clegg to task over lies regarding the EU in a public meeting.

And we won't be the only ones seeking to hold Clegg to account, the Oxford Activist Network intend to hold a protest against Clegg's presence in Oxford.

Any suggestions from readers on questions to ask Mr Clegg will be very welcome in the comments...


  1. You can ask him how he reconciles his @rse with the size of his head and when he'll be given the nod that a role of EU Commissioner is open to him.

  2. Ask him about the College of Europe: what did he learn there, what people did he make enduring links with, and what if any oaths, undertakings and agreements did he give and make while at the COE, or subsequently with persons he had met there.

  3. I know in terms it will be off-topic but if he's already guaranteed a bad night, then these will just rub it in, so in those terms....


    Are you aware that - being the Lord Rennard matter is discussed within most major newspapers and TV news programmes, and has been for some time, this matter can no longer be referred to as 'a Party internal matter'?

    Has Lord Rennard been found guilty of any offence by any legitimate and accountable public authority? *

    Does a man holding the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the UK have a tacit obligation to avoid implying guilt in a public sphere against figures who have not been found guilty by a public authority?

    Susan Gasczcak, speaking on Channel Four News on January 16 this year was introduced on the programme as a 'Senior LibDem decision maker' by interviewer Cathy Newman. She proceeded on this programme to comment twice that an individual would be required - under her terms - to 'prove themselves innocent' where accused of some form of offence or assault. Is 'guilty until the accused proves themselves innocent' to be the nature of the LibDem justice policy in the next manifesto, or will it only remain in the LibDem culture where it is solely convenient for internal party self-satisfaction?

    Should 'due process' be conducted in the proper manner by senior Public Servants who hold office under the mantle of freedom and liberty, or should those articles be left to right-wing Eurosceptics in order to protect the due rights of left-wing Europhile Lords against the nature of their own adopted party?

    (*Nb - The QC in the more recent internal investigation found insufficient evidence of wrong-doing but suggested Rennard should 'apologise anyway'. How often is an accused individual in a Court judgement - found innocent - is subsequently advised by the presiding judge to 'apologise anyway'? Clegg has directly implied that Rennard is guilty by insisting on an apology. You don't need to have any sympathy in any respect for Rennard to see something extremely malign has happened here...)

    Best Regards,


  4. Apologies in advance - but just labouring the point -

    Start at 2:20. You won't need to wait long...