Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Absent Ashton

Bruno Waterfield from the Telegraph reports:
Absent Baroness Ashton leaves Britain without a voice
Baroness Ashton has failed to fully attend two thirds of European Commission meetings over the past year, leaving Britain without a voice in the most important forum for EU law making, according to research by The Daily Telegraph.
Leaving aside for one moment that Ashton has never seemed popular within the EU, the Telegraph seems to think this is news, surely more pertinent questions would be;
  • Why does such a job exist?

  • Who cares if Ashton fails to attend?

  • Who cares - full stop?


  1. She has to spend some time on her other job - as a blind cobbler's thumb.

    She's not supposed to be the voice of this country, but the voice of the Brussels Borg.

    I agree, of course. No one cares.

  2. Maybe the meetings are in french, and she famously cannot speak french anyhow.

  3. Probably because Ashton has a face similar to the rear end of the Cheshire Cat, it is hardly surprising that she is able to disappear at will!

  4. Now, Now, WfW.

    What's the poor Cheshire cat done to you.

    I don't know where she's disappeared to, TBF, I just wish she'd take the rest of the parasites with her.

  5. As the Trooper has mentioned, she's specifically forbidden to put Britain's p.o.v.; she works for the EU not for the UK.

    You would imagine that the Dully Torygraph would know this, but that would be expecting a journalist to do a bit of research instead of just copying someone else's PR.