Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I've said before and the Talking Clock notes as well today, why, in the UK, do we have to rely on a Russian news site for televised coverage of the UK and the EU?


  1. TbF, I also watch RT on occasion. In fact, my watching frequency is increasing. My viewing of bbc news has dwindled to virtually nil. The surprising thing is that the Russians persecute their investigative reporters; notably Anna Politkovskaya; when they cover sensitive domestic matters, but they still manage to present issues (maybe not directly material to Russia) that are informative rather than propagandist. We live in strange times. Oh, and Nigel is always good to listen to.

  2. I'm very confused. Our own press and broadcast media are feeding us lies and propaganda and the Russians are exposing the truth. How times have changed!

    I used to think that the EU was a Soviet plot to conquer western Europe, but surely they wouldn't be allowing Nigel such a platform if that were the case? or would they? maybe it's a double bluff.

  3. Added RT news to my bookmarks along time ago and stop watching bbc/sky about 4 years ago

    The BBC/SKY is just news for the morons and the brainwashed