Monday, 4 October 2010

Russia Today

RT has a short report on a Tory fringe meeting, where eurosceptics are meeting to question the country’s relationship with the EU and as well the country’s erosion of civil freedoms.

Ok, not groundbreaking news in itself, but it illustrates the silence demonstrated by the BBC, ITV or Sky on failing to producing such news items.

This is not a one off by RT either. They have, in the last couple of weeks, interviewed one of the German professors challenging the Greek bailout, reported on Estonia's countdown to joining the Euro, mentioned Nigel Farage's speech at a gathering in Berlin and gave a report on the EU austerity protests which put our own broadcasters to shame.

The question is therefore why on earth do we have to rely on a Russian site to get any kind of semblance of news on Britain and the EU?

To get an idea why here is, below, Sky's contribution to the coverage of the Tory Conference. Take 1 Adam Boulton (political editor) and 3 tory bloggers to discuss... the bloody champagne ban:

(*head in hands*)

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