Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Tories Are Not Happy (The Told You So Edition)

From Autonomous Mind (hattip EU Referendum)

With each passing day David Cameron’s deceit becomes more evident and further vindicates my decision to resign as a councillor and leave the Conservative Party.

Cameron is an unprincipled and self serving politician of the worst kind. Those Conservatives who hoped when in office he would reveal himself to be a Eurosceptic have had their delusions shattered.

The simple truth is if you want the UK to be a sovereign nation that determines its own laws and regulations and is governed by elected representatives we can remove from office, then do not vote Conservative.

And from ConHome (my emphasis):

But, in reality, it appears that when Labour said our Eurosceptic promises were all hot air, they were right; that when Heseltine said that in government every Conservative Prime Minister is Europhile, he was right; that when UKIP said Conservatives were not to be trusted on Europe, they were right; that when I and others said that the Conservative Party had changed, and that Cameron and Hague were genuinely convicted Eurosceptics who understood what must be done and would not let us down, we were wrong.

There will be consequences.

Bollocks. No there won't. The Tories will do what they always do, bend over, pick up the soap and mutter under their breath; 'please make sure it doesn't hurt too much'.

Former blogger Daniel_1979 (I guess it's the same chap) has a great comment on Norman Tebbit's Telegraph article:
The Tory Party is a Pro-EU party; it has had ample chances to demonstrate otherwise in Governments prior and in coalition more recently.

EU-Sceptic Tories have for years talked about reforming the EU and staying in the party to keep it honest; what more is needed as proof that it will never happen?

I keep reading of EU-Sceptic Tories raising complaints about the Tory led Coalitions actions on the EU. The horse has bolted and the Tory Party helped lock the stable door. What are the EU sceptic Tories doing from within party that has tangible benefit to the getting out of the EU cause? Good and hard working people but I see no evidence that it is helping the UK get out of the EU nor securing any referendum, let alone the one that was promised.

EU Sceptic Tories have help keep EU Sceptic voters in the Tory fold, the Tory party sells out on the EU, and we all get screwed again.

I of course agree with your post, but these events are what I and many other ex-Tories knew would happen, that's why we didn't vote Tory and why the Tories failed to get a majority. The Tory party is historically a great one, but unfortunately a dying one for it is abandoning its members and pursuing its own agenda.

Update: Budget 'capped'. That's all right then. Here we go:

And now the Daily Mail is running with it:
Despite demands the runaway bill be reined in, No10 has acknowledged it is powerless to prevent the budget soaring by at least 2.9 per cent - equivalent to an extra £429million from the UK - after failing to gain support from other EU members.
You can only pretend for so long that you run your own country when you don't.


  1. Agreed. It seems counter-intuitive, but in practice, and over the course of decades, the Tories have shown themselves to be even more EU subservient than Labour.

  2. Exactly Mark, I'm not a Tory myself and I don't care how we remove ourselves from the EU - by hook or by crook - but the Tory party is clearly not the mechanism with which it will happen.

    It's so hard to get through to Tory supporters that their party is not eurosceptic. You have to wonder how many examples they need. Perhaps now they may get the message but hopes are not high.

  3. TBF, Can only echo MW's comment and to ask when will the people of this country wake up to the fact that Cameron has lied to us, had no intention of retaining our sovereignty and does not even understand the rules within which he has to work.

    Even more disgusting is the behaviour of the Conservative MPs who are more interested in their personal careers than representing their constituents and the interests of the country.

    With a few notable exceptions the present incumbents of the HoC should be removed to the nearest jobcentre!

  4. Couldn't agree more WfW, what will also be galling is that the Labour party will now take on a Eurosceptic role as is always the way with the opposition party.

    Dan Hannan says: No party in power is ever eurosceptic.

    Thus conversely no party in opposition is ever pro-EU.

    We need some fairground organ music to accompany the farcical change of government:

  5. Hi Boiling Frog

    Yeah that was me, I had resisted months ago getting yet another new login for the Telegraph when it last changed it comment form (my fourth in three years now I think) yet some one already has "daniel1979" so am now “daniel_1979” on the DT.

    I am getting tired of hearing from so called Tory EU Sceptics; like I say good and hard working they may be but their Party is absolutely pro-EU and that will not change. Their presence in promoting a Pro-EU party whilst making public overtures to the contrary is entangling us further and further into the EU.

  6. Thanks Daniel

    Your last paragraph is absolutely spot on.

  7. I concur with all of you, and thank the Boiling Frog for his kind link to my humble blog.

  8. Politicians are all the same when they get onto the gravy train. They forget why they are there and with a few honourable exceptions (who are always on the back benches) they concentrate on building up their own power and glory. Van Rumpoy, Ashton, Barosso are just the most visible symbols of the undemocratic, self serving, parasitic nature of these EU elites.
    It will all collapse when austerity bites the people of the EU and they decide thay have had enough. In my experience of global corporations, remote money-wasting HQs inflating their own importance suddenly disappear when shareholders realise they are being robbed. Authority is once again delegated to management in the front line where it should have been to start with.
    The same will happen with Brussels, but to trigger the collapse it needs a Thatcher-like character with guts to tell them where to get off and simply not pay the money any more.
    What are they going to do, invade us?