Tuesday, 26 October 2010

How To Silence A Country...

...with just 2 people (my emphasis):

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson caused offence when he described a car as "speciale needs" - a play on its proper name, Ferrari F430 Speciale.

Media regulator Ofcom investigated after receiving two complaints.

That's right, just 2 bloody complaints - out of an audience of millions:

Ofcom ruled that "the comments made by Jeremy Clarkson in this instance were capable of causing offence."

It went on: "While obviously intended as a joke and not aimed directly at an individual with learning difficulties, the comment could easily be understood as ridiculing people in society with a particular physical disability or learning difficulty."

So? When has offending people been a reason to curb free speech? It was even post-watershed. Anyway here's the offending episode (relevant comments 3.10 mins in):

What are you going to do about that Ofcom?

Update: I know the video's the 'wrong' way round, it looks like someone has uploaded it wrong. To try to get round it I've downloaded it off youtube onto my pc but as yet I still can't 'right' it. Perhaps that's another thing Ofcom may get offended about.


  1. Nope, I refuse to watch the vid in case I become one of the terminally offended.

    I would have commented that you made the whole blog item up but it's all there for everyone to see...what a bloody parlava over nought!

    You couldn't make it up, could you?

  2. A Palaver over nothing? I couldn't agree more.

    It still surprises me people watch Clarkson then get offended. His opinions and risque jokes are hardly a state secret.

  3. I've never watch any episode of Top Gear in my life, not a car enthusiast and Clarkson has never really been on my radar except when I've watched some chat show or other, like his attitude tho.

    I did watch the clip you have and was seriously perplexed that anyone would have complained about it and even further perplexed that OFCOM took it seriously and the BBC pulled the offending two words "speciale needs."

    Have watched it twice now and not heard the words "like a simpleton" yet, must really really concentrate when I watch it again.

    Jees what are these people on? Probably £100's of thousands per anum.

    I remember Clarkson being hauled over the coals for smoking a pipe not long after the smoking ban experiment came in, what a load of crap that was.

    You are right about free speech Froggy, every word has to be sanitized before being fed to us prols.

  4. The 'Simpleton' comment comes in about 3.25.

    The recent reincarnation of Top Gear (since 2002) is not really about cars anymore just 3 middle aged blokes arseing about - I think that's also why it has a significant female following.

    Top Gear remains the most potent BBC defence against left wing bias accusations which is why they probably tolerate it.