Sunday, 31 October 2010

Stephen Fry

Now there's something I thought I would never see, Stephen Fry upsetting feminists. It looks like in response on twitter, that Fry has had a hissy fit.


  1. Stephen Fry is one of the most irritating people we are forced to watch and listen to. He is not very bright. Oh, he might be educated, but he's quite thick. Just like that other educated idiot, Germaine Greer. And people with lesser education confuse the educational achievements of their kind, with intellect. I've worked with intelligent people, and Mr Fry is not in their league.

  2. Personally I like some of the stuff Fry has done, but recently, or more accurately since he became a twitter 'darling', he's developed a sense of self importance. This has manifested itself by him pontificating on a wide variety of subjects on which he has no clue. Unfortunately the media love him and take him seriously even when he talks bollocks (well except the Daily Mail but then it hates all gays).

  3. To dispel any uncertainty, I don't dislike him 'cos he's gay. I'm gay. I dislike him because he's not as good as he thinks he is, or as good as he should be given the presence he is afforded by the socialist bbc and others who should know better. I've just started to watch, again, Civilisation and The Ascent of Man. Two productions from the BBC. Both productions are exquisite. They reflect our collective brilliance. Bronowski and Clark, men to be admired and emulated. The likes or fry and his ilk should slink into the shadows and watch in awe while their betters give us mortals a glimpse of a better life.