Friday, 8 October 2010

Tory Membership Plummets

I'm slightly late to this, but I notice Tory Chairman Baroness Warsi has had a difficult couple of days. After a poor performance on Question Time last night, especially this answer to a good question on pre-election promises:

I see that she also struggles to answer simple questions on Tory membership numbers, which surely as a Chairman she should know as a matter of bread and butter basics:

Intruidged, and suspicious for the reasons behind her reluctance, I quickly found the answer:
Tory membership down by a third... since Cameron became leader...dropping from 258,239 to 177,000.
ConHome acknowledges that it is a steep decline. Oh dear this Cameron Tory revolution is going well, isn't it?

Incidentally Charles Kennedy thinks Warsi is out of her depth:

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