Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Downfall Spoof

Last night I knocked up my first ever downfall spoof, regarding the 10:10 No pressure video - which has spectacularly backfired. I was surprised one hadn't been done yet, I know the idea's rather cliched but I'm quite pleased with it though there are a couple of mistakes or things I'm not entirely happy with. But anyway here it is:

I didn't have time to do a post on here last night about it, so I just left a link on the EUReferendum forum. Anyway James Dellingpole has picked up on it:
"And it’s a good ‘un".
Thanks James.

Note: for those wondering why it's on metacafe not youtube it's because of copyright issues on youtube

Update: my video has been removed from metacafe. I'm trying to upload it elsewhere

Update II: I've uploaded my video again via Eyetube. Many thanks to those involved with the site.


  1. good effort. It made me laugh. Which is more than can be said for the 10:10 nastiness.

  2. Thanks John, I'm glad it made you laugh.

  3. @CM, no worries I've uploaded it again - they can't beat us!

  4. Absolutely brilliant, BF. Damn fine job. Large H/T to Richard @ EU Referendum for drawing my attention to it.

    I've now bookmarked the blog, and Mrs de H is sending her Bridget Jones & 4 Weddings DVDs back to Curtis with a note (the wording of which might best be described as "unfortunate").

  5. Great effort, it all fitted together so well with your subtitles. I hope Richard Cuntish sees it.

  6. Very good Boilers, made me laugh.

    I think we should be told why your two videos were pulled though.

    Was it because there was a copyright infringement on Downfall? In which case I would say "Why aren't all the other Downfall spoofs pulled?"

    Or was it another reason?

    Keep up the good work.

  7. @Clameur de Haro, thanks for your comments. Am glad to hear about Mrs de H, I would try to persuade my wife to the same but I think I wouldn't get very far - she's a big fan.

    @Fascist Hippy, I suspect not unfortunately, he's probably keeping his head down in one of his 3 mansions.

    @Daed Parrot The first video on youtube was pulled because of copyright (so they tell me). The second on metacafe, I don't know but I suspect for the same reason.
    They shouldn't have such luck with eyetube, thankfully

  8. No worries Mate. Great job. I did an spoof on an anti-gun zealot and they pulled it.

    I just moved it elsewhere too. Cockroaches don't like light. ;)