Friday, 29 October 2010

Coming Up Short

The first big 'confrontation' with Europe and Cameron has come up short. Desperate to follow the Tory golden rules; talk tough first and afterward claim a victory, Cameron can't even do that properly. Spinning the last 2 days as anything other than bad for the British taxpayer is going to be nigh on impossible.

Cameron has been given a very public 'two-fingered get stuffed' statement by the EU over taxpayer's money. As Autonomous Mind wonderfully puts it:
Cast Iron Dave resorts to begging
The Tory mantra 'in Europe not ruled by Europe' has just been exposed in a very public way for the fallacy that it is. There's no disguising that now, and clearly his party is not happy:
I for one am not amused by the EU's staggering claims for more money.

David Cameron needs to know he is pushing many of us beyond the breaking point of loyalty if he caves into the EU on this or the treaty requests from the Germans.
But loyalty to the party not to the country will still prevail. It always does.

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