Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Behind The Times

I don't read the Times anymore since it went behind a 'paywall', however it looks like today that paywall has been removed. Is this Murdoch admitting that he got his strategy wrong?

Update: Woodsy42 in the comments alerts me that the paywall appears to be up and running again. That didn't last long.


  1. Perhaps it's just a tester? The NotW went behind a paywall last week so I think they're still discussing things. I used to read the Times online each day but wouldn't dream of paying £1pd for access to any rag.

  2. That thought crossed my mind too GV, though the experiment can't be going as well as hoped if free testers are being rolled out after only a couple of months.

  3. I can only access the front page, try and read the articles and it asks for money.
    I expect they have realised it was totally idiotic to hide away without even a shop window on the web.

  4. @Woodsy42, You're right, the paywall seems to have been reinstalled. That didn't last long!