Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Party That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Cameron's attempt to 'de-toryify' the Tory party continues apace. This from Fraser Nelson of the Spectator:
"Has somebody stolen the Tory Party? A stranger walking around here would have no idea that its their conference. The word "Conservative" or "Tory" is nowhere to be seen. Just a slogan, "Together in the national interest"...This isn't the Tory conference – in the way that Clegg revved up his base in a LibDem conference. It's a coalition pre-cuts rally, attended by Tories."
And what do the party members think of the destruction of their party?
There is plenty Tory red meat being served. So the activists are happy. They also know that there is less than three weeks to the spending review and the battle that accompanies it, so they are in loyalty mode.
Throw them a few scraps of red meat and they will put up with anything.

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