Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Smell Of Rubber?

Earlier today, after a series of unsuccessful email correspondences with O2, a campaign was launched against O2's continuing involvement with 10:10, including the support from UKIP leadership candidate Nigel Farage.

Yet again it appears that a corporation has underestimated the power of the blogosphere, here's an update from Richard:
"Hi Richard

When we joined this campaign, we were not aware of the contents of the video. But as soon as we came to know about the video, we've withdrawn our support from that campaign. I'm sorry as I know it may have hurt our customers emotionally but O2 didn't did this intentionally. As I belong to a online customer service team, I won't be able to talk much about this matter.

O2 Customer Service"
Whoops, I can smell the burning of rubber as O2 engages that reverse gear rapidly. As always, the question is, why does it have to take this sort of effort before companies' listen to their customers?

Update: A demonstration of 'right hand doesn't know its left hand' it seems from O2 in the latest update. The formal position from O2 is more supportive of 10:10. However as Richard rightly points out this makes them more isolated. Surely they can't maintain that position much longer?

Update II: I'm not an O2 customer but my wife is, so she has sent the following complaint. Let's see how we get on:
Dear Sirs,

Account Number: ********

As a loyal O2 customer of around 12 years, I was greatly disturbed by a recent video released by the 10:10 group - a campaign movement which tries to encourage a 10% reduction in personal emissions. Whilst I welcome any moves to encourage more efficient use of energy, my reaction on first seeing this video was of profound shock. The core message was particularly nasty – go green or your children die.

I’m sure you will appreciate therefore that I was disappointed to discover that O2 is listed on the 10:10 website as a sponsor. No doubt in light of that, you will appreciate my concerns that customers money is being used to fund what is in effect a counterproductive and deeply unpleasant film which leaves nothing to the imagination in the ‘killing’ of children.

Please can you confirm that you will disassociate yourself from this film, and the 10:10 campaign, as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully
Update: My wife has a response:
I'm sorry about the video and we have taken your feedback very seriously.

We were unaware of the effect this video would cause our patrons around the world. It was made for the good intention of supporting climate change and pollution. This video was removed by 10:10 and a written apology was made public.

I'm once again sorry. If there's anything else I can help with, get back to us or click on the link below:


O2 Customer Service

Telefonica O2 UK limited, Registered in England No 1743099. Registered
Office: 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL14DX.


  1. Do you mean that they have formally withdrawn support for 10:10?
    I haven't yet had a response to my complaint.

  2. @Bucko, Richard is seeking clarification, however it is a clear change of direction from their previous stance of; 'nothing to see here, move along'.

    To me it's obvious that O2 are looking for a formal withdrawal that saves face - give it time :-)

  3. This is the result of my conversation with o2 press office today at 16.30,
    'o2 press office have just told me that they fully support the aims of 10:10 and will not act on the strength of the video as they tell me that would be censorship. When asked if they intended carrying on with the sponsorship of 10:10 the press officer said yes.

  4. @FH, thanks, very interesting.

    What do they mean by censorship? It isn't censorship requesting them to withdrawal money, it's only censorship if O2 asks for the video to be banned which no-one has asked for. Idiots.

  5. Well BF, I've had no reply so far. I'll give it a bit but it looks like I need a new provider.

  6. If anyone wants to have a 'pop' at o2,
    0113 272 2000 (switchboard) Gareth Rice - Head or Environment matters
    01753 565656 (direct line) Press office or email:

  7. @Bucko, blimey my wife had a response, albeit not a great one, within 3 hours. You need to give them another kicking I think ;-)

    @FH Thanks for the info