Friday, 22 October 2010


Blackpool manager, Ian Holloway in his characteristically forthright manner has criticised the state of football and in particular the current Rooney saga at Manchester United:
"I've got big problems with the people running football. They are so wrong it's frightening," Holloway said. I think the game is in trouble..."
Well yes, hard to argue with that, so what does Mr Holloway think the football authorities have got so wrong:
" cannot have the Bosman ruling they've got at the moment."
Er...Mr Holloway, the Bosman ruling has nowt to do with football authorities, it was an EU ruling in 1995 regarding freedom of movement for workers. The football authorities can do precisely... nothing about it while we remain a member state - not that the BBC mention this.

As an aside one of the ironies of the ruling, was that Jean-Marc Bosman who brought the case, missed out on the subsequent gravy train that was unleashed, something that he openly admitted in an interview some years ago left him feeling 'bitter' and 'resentful'. My heart bleeds.

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