Thursday, 21 October 2010

Barroso Thinks He's Been Elected

Nigel Farage rightly takes the EU to task for its proposals for direct taxation, however during his speech he prompted the ire from an indignant EU Commission President:
I usually do not intervene, but there is a point of order that I want to make. It is not the first time that Mr Farage, addressing to myself says ‘you have not been elected’. certainly I have not been elected by you, but I have been elected by this parliament. I have been elected in a secret vote by this parliament, and you belong to this parliament.” Barroso said,

“I consider it, always saying that myself or the Commission have not been elected is a lack of respect to the Commission and to the parliament to which you belong.”
I'm not sure what is more amusing about the interjection; that Barroso somehow thinks he's accountable to the people, or that telling off Mr Farage like a naughty school boy is going to make a blind bit of difference or that Barroso should be respected just because he said so. Arrogance is simply not a sufficient enough word to describe the likes of Barroso.

The toy throwing President can found towards end of the video here:

hattip: The Talking Clock